Exceptional Ideas For Your Best Friend's Bridal Shower


Planning a bridal shower can be challenging, especially if you have no idea of what to do. It's common for people to throw a surprise house party for the bride to be, but you can always opt for something more unique and exciting. Below are some not-so-obvious, but great ideas for bridal showers.

The Yacht Party 

A yacht is a great place to have a great, private party with your friends. You can choose to either have your yacht party at night or during the day. However, before you can start planning for the party, secure yourself a yacht because at times, especially during the high season, a yacht may not be available.

The size of the yacht you choose will be determined by the number of guests you are planning on hosting. Often not all guests attend, but it is safer to use the total number of guests to book a yacht so as to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. Also, remember to confirm with your service provider that all guests will have a safety gear and that your package includes service of food and drinks in the yacht.

The Pool Party

A pool party is a great way to celebrate your friend's bridal shower. This idea is best used in summer, and it's advisable that you mention the theme clearly in the invitation cards. You can choose to have a picture of a pool party on the card so as to help your guests keep that in mind. Send pool party invitations early because guests might want to buy accessories such as sunscreen and swimsuits.

Remember that often pool parties tend to run late, especially if a party is fun and exciting. So, ensure there is enough lighting near the pool. You can also hire some standalone lamps as part of your décor. Also, provide your guests with sitting places and shade. If the poolside has no such stations, consider organizing for temporary ones to be fixed. Also, make your party exciting and fun by including games and fun activities.

Camping and Partying

Camping is not the everyday bridal shower party idea, yet it's stimulating and quite an experience to indulge in. Plan a camping bridal shower party early so that you can have enough time for planning. Key items to pay attention to include the venue, duration of the adventure, transport and guests availability. Choose a date that's most convenient for most people.

Remember to create a checklist for your guests and include it in the invitation cards. The list should include ideal clothing for the day and night, toiletries, power bank for electronics and any other must-have items such as one's medication. Often, people forget to cater for sanitary needs, so if you are camping at a site without sanitary amenities or solely in the wild, remember to carry portable toilets.

It's exciting to have a party that's out of the ordinary. So, borrow unique and modern ideas and surprise your friend with an exceptional bridal shower.


21 April 2016

Planning my brother's bucks party

We were all so surprised when my brother said he was engaged. He always seemed like the eternal bachelor. It's going to be really good for him though, as Emily seems like a brilliant chick and if anyone is going to be able to keep him in line it's her. I'm the best man at the wedding so I have an important job - organising the bucks party. This blog is my party planning place for all of the wedding party to stop in and give us some advice about the best way to have the buck's party of the century!